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Jacob Glick

Jacob Glick Says People Need to Learn More About Marijuana

The newest industry to slowly gain legalization in the US is marijuana. At first, the products of cannabis without THC (like hemp or CBD oil) were legalized on a federal level because they had no potential for making someone high. Then, states slowly started legalizing marijuana for medical (and even recreational) use.

Cannabis is Not the Villain Portrayed

Jacob Glick got into the cannabis industry in 2018. Cannabis helps people relax by reducing stress, anxiety and more. He hopes more people learn about marijuana. Both the vilified versions of smokers and the irresponsible idiots aren’t accurate pictures of people who use the natural drug.

He explains that the poor press was started decades ago as an attempt to vilify certain groups of marginalized people. While recent research has looked at whether marijuana causes harm, not nearly enough testing has been focused on the benefits it offers. But Glick feels sure more will come to light over time.